And Just Like That

And Just Like That

And just like that it’s fall.

We spent a long weekend in North Carolina near Asheville and drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The parkway that, had we continued, would have taken us all the way to Virginia in the most beautiful way possible.


Stephen found the cutest bed and breakfast, Oak Hill on Love Lane.  I mean…


…it’s a wonder he was able to get me back to Georgia at all!  But it turns out we have some planning to do!


Because just like that, by the light of a fire, underneath the stars and a waxing moon, we got engaged. I was so surprised I only remember bursting into tears and saying yes.  (But I also apparently said “what are you doing?!” when Stephen started getting down on one knee :D)

Our country drives have often included discussions about our future.  IMG_0135

And now those drives include our plans for celebrating the moment we become husband and wife.  It will be next fall, at a historic home in our small town.  There will be music and cake and people we love.


This is the start of my third year in the south and the last year was harder than the first.  So many big changes have made small changes more difficult.  I’m both giving myself a lot of room to adjust and am frustrated with myself that I’m not adjusting faster, as if comfort runs on a timeline.


Nothing happens on one set timeline, does it?  Timelines are their own thing, meandering, and (in my case at least!) never what’s expected.

When I talked to our wedding photographer, she asked me how I hoped our day would unfold.  I told her we were going to do everything in our control to have the day be sweet, simple and reflect us but that I also knew at some point we were just going to need to let go and allow the day to unfold in its own way.

And that’s how I try and approach each day.


We meet our friends at the little white church for our third annual front porch pumpkin pick out (TM).  One of my oldest friends came to town and celebrated our engagement while fending off a wiggly puppy who has a penchant for licking eyeballs (sorry Shan!)

The mist rises off the lake in the morning and I put on a sweater before heading out to watch the dogs crunch through oak leaves in the backyard.

Our roof is being replaced, the new arbor needs to be painted and a white picket gate sits on its side waiting for the right post to be delivered…again.

We roast chicken and potatoes and dunk grilled cheese sandwiches into my favorite tomato soup.


The days start early with coffee, new novels and puppy snuggles.


My timelines may meander, but I like to think of them like our country drives. The drives where I take the time to notice all of the beauty that surrounds us even in the most difficult times knowing fully that all roads eventually lead home.

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