Finding January

Finding January


Parts of the lake across the street are frozen.  This week’s weather means an iced over bird bath, chapped lips and an irrepressible urge to get out of the house only to want to come right back in again.  I eat bright clementines and scoop honey from Stephen’s family’s bees to drop in my green smoothie with enough fresh ginger to make my lips tingle.


Light floods in now that the trees have lost their leaves.  I’m mid office makeover and eagerly await a new rug delivered by our beleaguered UPS guy that even still, post holiday, doesn’t get here until after 6 p.m. I knit this wrap from Purl Soho and wait, pondering what to hang on the walls.


Stephen makes me laugh by talking in the clipped British accent of the Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life narrator as I listen to the secrets of the universe locked inside a kernel of popcorn.  He makes soup with cornbread one night and chicken fettuccini alfredo another.  Stick to your ribs food that make walks even more necessary.  We strike out, bundled up in hats and coats.  Fisher is so energetic we have to take her to the baseball field so she can literally run circles around us.  She blinks, looking into the sun, tail wagging, panting hard, tongue hanging out of her mouth before running towards us, every step saying “isn’t this AMAZING?!”


She may be right.  January has never been a favorite, but just like that humble kernel of popcorn I think we’re starting to unlock her secrets.

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